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Child of Genomex

Mutant X Discussion

Mutant X Discussion
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childofgenomex is a community for fans of the science fiction television show, Mutant X.

*To learn more about Mutant X, check out our Fact Sheet.

*To find Mutant X fansites, RPGs, and actor sites, browse through The Mutant X Fansite Directory.

*Other Mutant X-related communities on LiveJournal:

General Discussion
canonistas Forum for those interested in canon/continuity in comic books and related films, books, and television shows
comicfangirls A group for comic book fanatics
marvel_universe Discussions about all things Marvel
mutantboysrock Drool over the boys of Mutant X

Fan Creations
generatorofdoom Fun community for stories based on medie's Generator of Doom pairings
mutantx_fanfic Forum for posting all types of Mutant X fan fiction
sanctuarymx Mutant X slash fiction forum
slashingmutantx A community for Mutant X slash fiction writers
smfandom_genfic General fan fiction from smaller fandoms
fanfic100 Drabble community with several great Mutant X stories
mulwray100 Drabbles about Brennan Mulwray
mutantx_fanart Community for Mutant X fan artists

Role Playing Groups
meeker2221 Inactive Mutant X RPG
mutantxrpg A new RPG
mutant_x_rpg with mutant_x_ooc Sporadically active RPG

forbes_march Community for the fabulous actor Forbes March
_lauren_lee_ Community for the beautiful actress Lauren Lee Smith
lightofbeauty Community for the lady of light, Lexa Pierce/Karen Cliche
tommccamus Community for talented actor Tom McCamus
victorwebster Community for the wonderful actor Victor Webster

Website Updates
mutantxphoenix Livejournal hangout for members of the website Mutant X Phoenix
mutantwasteland Updates for Wasteland website, which is no longer available

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